Tuesday, February 28, 2006

She's not going to see 200,000 after all.

As in the proverb I think the picture says it all. At about 8:30 yesterday morning, I was driving to work during one of our thirty or so rainy days up here in wine country when an SUV veered into my lane. At the time, it seemed like they had lost control of the car and were just sliding, but I only had about a second or so to judge (and slam on the brakes) before I smacked into them, still going around 40 mph. The red SAAB was my car.

Thank God, merciful Buddha and all praise be to Allah, but I crawled out of the car with minimal injuries. The airbag went off (despite the blinking SRS light) and the crumple zones worked exactly as designed. I'm not sure if the car saved my life, but it sure gave up its life for mine, and I'm grateful for that and the clever Swedish designers that made it that way.

The other car was a family of four, with a pregnant woman at the wheel. The accident induced her labor, and I hear that she delivered the baby safe and sound, a little girl. Her husband (I think) was in the passenger seat and got off with a cut over the eye. Their two little girls made it, too, although I think one broke her leg.

Anyway, I think we all got off as easy as we could have. I'm not really the religious type, but I find myself thankful for whatever force provided my good luck. And saying "Jesus!" a lot.

Also my birthday is coming up -- I'm taking donations for a new (old) SAAB.

Photo by Robbi Pengelly/Sonoma Index-Tribune