Thursday, March 22, 2007

MAKE my day, punk

That, my friends, is my latest creation. I'll admit that I didn't come up with it, but hey, it still rocks. You can also see the my level of handiwork: I couldn't get it to fit in the box (because I chose the box last, so it was a random shape) so I just stuck everything on one side of a stoned wheat cracker box.

Continuing the nerdiness, I quickly jammed out a couple .mp3s with it. Check it out here or here. Not bad for around $20 of parts per amp, huh?

Oh, and check out my rippin' guitar shredding. AND THAT'S NOTHING, BTW, JOHN MAYER!

About the recording: that's an Audio Technica at2020 condenser near the speaker (as pictured, maybe 8-10 inches away) and the left channel is a directional condenser (MXL 993) pointed at my strat. The second .mp3 also as my Maxon OD909 running. There's no processing on the tracks, except for normalization on the first one.

The speaker is a tiny, tinny driver stolen from my old pc. I think I may get a larger speaker to unleash this tiny monster.

Yeah, Make rocks. Now I'm going to rip open my other b-day gift (the year one box set) and drool over some more projects.