Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some other stuff...

From LITWC...check this out. It's an interesting piece -- Joshua Bell pretends to be a street musician at a train station in DC -- and nobody stops. Duh. It's the morning -- people have to be at work, and most employers don't appreciate it when their employees show up late. Simple as that.

I wanted to point it out, however, because it's one of the best uses of multimedia that I've seen in a newspaper -- edited sections of video are used to illustrate points from the story. This is the reason why we're not going to be reading the news on paper anymore. It's an effective use of media; it has the "you are there" quality of video without the "you are an idiot" effect of mass-media TV news.
So...this is the first truly legit latte art that I've been able to make...you can see that a few of the bubbles have started to pop there, because instead of drinking it immediately, I ran and grabbed the camera (obviously) and let Brett take a pic (you might be able to tell that too, from the quality of the picture).

Anyway I was pretty jazzed, but I haven't been able to do anything quite this rad since.

I bet Mayer couldn't do that.

Monday, April 02, 2007


OK -- I think we both knew that we weren't finished with this.

Customarily going for overkill, I bought a NOS (that's new old stock, meaning an unused vintage part) 5" Zenith speaker and popped it in there; then, a plain brown shipping box and voila! A totally finished practice amp that runs off a 9-volt, gets loud enough to annoy my faithful girlfriend, and can still be used to store some stuff.

It seriously sounds bitchin' too; I'm sure I'll post some sounds up at some point.

In other news, www.3than.com is up again, though without much stuff on it at this point. Stay tuned.