Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sick and tired

I got sick. Nothing bad, just a cold, but it really knocked me out. Long time since I had a cold that bad. Anyway enough whining. I just want to throw a shoutout to the girls at pearl necklace. Last Friday they had a cool party in Vallejo for the release of their new issue "moms and music." They had some killer bands: Bad Kissers, who were really good, poppy stuff; and a few to break, who were just amazing musicians, Th'Losin' Streaks who had a cool vibe. I missed Amber Estrada, I'm sorry to say.

Also I was kinda beat since I'd been sick and had a busy day at they all made me kinda wish I was rockin' out more. Not kinda...they definitely made me wish that. And to think that my brother gets to rock out at home with Keith Polasko aka futureman and others at his birthday party this weekend.

Also it's Brett's birthday this weekend.

Um...listen, I still think about Star Wars, but I'm trying not to, unless you want to help me get a California Ballot Initiative going to repeal the prequels and make less sucky ones. Yeah.
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