Thursday, July 14, 2005

They call me the hunter

The house-hunter, that is.

Brett and I are looking for a new place to call home. Our third party has taken a job in San Francisco, and no longer desires to live in Napa. Rather than allowing us to replace her, our land-lady would prefer that we leave her lovely little home to her and fuck off.

What's more, Brett has gone on vacation to New York. So, today, I braved the 90+ afternoon sun and met with "Mike" at 970 Harley St in Sonoma. Yes, it's right behind the plaza (oh, sorry, don't speak Californian? That means "strip mall") with the chinese restaurant. The houses on the street are probably about 15-20 feet apart. The front yard of 970 Harley eschews grass in favor of red stones; the backyard has several plants, but is quite decidedly dust-based. Washer and Dryer hook-ups, no washer and dryer. 2 bedrooms, one bath; wall-to-wall carpet, linoleum. All for a mere $1200.

I am getting a bit annoyed. We saw an amazing place in downtown Vallejo, a forgotten urban center, killed off years ago by the malls; these days, it has a few bars, a couple chinese restaurants, and some junk stores. And probably the most beautiful apartments I've ever seen. Light, airy places with original hardwood floors, impeccably resurfaced; custom cabinetry up to the 12' ceilings; new GE Profile appliances. Too bad the neighborhood is basically unlivable.

Still, I may get lucky yet. This weekend, I'll see another few places, including some sweet-ass apartment complexes. Can't wait!

I'm going to leave you with a picture of a jello mold I made for our 50's party. I hope you like it. It contains mayonnaise.
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