Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I just back-graded.

If you weren't already aware of this, new cellular phones are totally lame. That expensive iPhone or Nokia N90, and the heinous bluetooth dongle on your ear say only one thing: douchebag.

No, no. Why spend $400 on a brand-new phone when you can spend nearly $200 on a Motorola Dynatac, the first cellular phone that one person could lift alone. will sell them to you for only around a hundred pounds: not bad considering that they cost around $4000 in the early '80s.

Ok, I am not that elite. I can't quite get down with an expensive phone that only runs on an obsolete technology -- but I have gone back about half a decade, to the Nokia 3390, a classic GSM dual-band phone with a glorious green-screen monochrome display. No BS .5 megapixel camera, no stupid screen savers or background that makes the text unreadable. Just telephone and text messaging. Sure, it's no DynaTac, or even MicroTac for that matter, but it's not a bad backgrade.
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