Thursday, December 01, 2011

Brush-on Super Glue

Everybody loves superglue, right?  Cyanoacrylate glues are ubiquitous because they are strong and quick-drying.  But most of them are packaged in tiny tubes where you're supposed to just dab your glue joint with a drop from the end of the thing.  Eventually you stick your hand in there and get the fast-drying glue on your hands, or get the workpiece stuck to yourself.

Hey, what if you instead had a brush?  No, not a disposable glue brush, but one integrated into the bottle?

Guess what: it exists.  A few brands make it, Quiktite, Loctite, and best of all, Stewart-Macdonald, the guitar supply company. 

Yes, this is as amazing as it seems.  It is a completely new superglue experience and renders the tiny tubes obsolete.  100% no-brainer instant classic.
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